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Wotta Knight
Number 149
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Wotta Knight is Popeye's 149th cartoon, produced by Famous Studios and released on October 24, 1947.


A Jousting Tounament is held between "ye Knights of ye Round Table (no squares allowed!)". At the colosseum, a sporting events-type announcer introduces the jousting opponents, Sir Popeye and the Black Knight, Sir Bluto. He then declares the prize to be a kiss from Sleeping Beauty, and we see the tower where the princess, that resembles Olive Oyl save for her Rapunzel-like long, blonde braids, is sound asleep. Back at the arena, the contend begins.

Round one. The rivals charge towards each other, holding their lances. Sir Bluto pours Ye Grease in front of Sir Popeye's horse, and then some coal (ignited by a modern lighter) into the downed knight's iron pants. Sir Popeye's horse produces a timely tub of water.

Round two. Sir Bluto activates a device that enlarges his lance and lets out a huge fist from the tip. After knocking his enemy from his horse, the Black Knight dismounts and follows with an axe blow that strips Sir Popeye to his underwear. However, the hero infiltrates his foe's armor and knocks him out after a string of punches. Sir Popeye is the victor, but Sir Bluto vows to return. The champion then proceeds to climb Sleeping Beauty's tower using a ladder. Inside, Sir Bluto suddenly reappears and, both knights vying for her kiss, a tug of war begins with Sleeping Beauty's long braids. Even when hanging out the window by her hair, the princess remains asleep. She ends up rolled up in her own hair and tumbling down the stairs, without waking. The Black Knight punches Sir Popeye into the shape of a radiator and dashes after her. Eating spinach allows the hero to get free, proceeding to split the tower in two, locate the evil knight and his prey, and fly down by employing two shields as wings. He uses them to sandwich his foe into the shape of a turtle, whom swims away down a river.

As Sir Popeye prepares to kiss the princess, she is finally awakened by the pain of his stepping on her foot corn. She is nothing but happy to see a man after her long sleep; her aggressive demeanor only works to make Sir Popeye more bashful, and he attempts a hasty reatreat. However, he is caught, and kissed. The armored knight dissolves into a puddle of molten metal.


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