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Wimmin Is a Myskery
Number 81
Onion Pacific

Wimmin Is a Myskery (1940) is Popeye's 81st cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios. It features Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye in their first appearance as Popeye and Olive's children in a dream sequence (and with slightly different names). Due to their popularity, they were soon adopted as regular characters in the form of Popeye's nephews. Margie Hines voices Olive, with Jack Mercer providing the voice of Popeye and all four boys.


At Olive Oyl's house, Popeye at long lasts asks her for her hand, and she answers that she will have him the following morning. Overjoyed, she goes to sleep and to dream of married life. In her dream, she and Popeye have four little sons, that look like their sailor dad, with their names revealed as she cleans up their portraits: Pep Eye, Pup Eye, Pip Eye and Peep Eye. She soon hears a loud noise and runs to see the big mess her children have made in the kitchen. After they run off, Olive notices a crack is forming on the second floor; it is the boys that are cracking nuts open with the aid of a wall bed. They run outside to evade punishment, and notice the pie that Olive has left on the windowsill to cool off. She stops them from stealing it, as it is their father's pie, so they disguise by joining together under their dad's clothes, even singing his song (and scatting). They soon get made by their mother, and the ensuing chase ends with the pie on her face. She traps them halfway through their escape out a window and proceeds to spank them with a broom. However, one the boys eats spinach, which empowers all four, allowing them to fly like jet planes and strafe their mom. They then break the spanking broom and begin to throw Olive back and forth around the house. She wakes up as an elegantly-dressed Popeye comes for his bride. However, Olive angrily refuses, saying she will not marry him under any circumstance. Popeye sings a variation of his theme song about the mystery of women.

Color remake

Wimmin Is a Myskery was remade by Famous Studios in 1954 as Bride and Gloom.

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