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Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive
Number 85
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Doing Impossikible Stunts
Puttin on the Act

Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive is Popeye's 85th theatrical cartoon, created by Fleischer Studios and released on August 16, 1940.


Popeye rides his new car to Olive Oyl's home, where he shows off its "floating engine" and other features to his girlfriend. As they take a ride, Olive asks if she may drive for a while. After much hesitation, Popeye allows her to, yet she is not a knowledgeable driver, which leaves him hanging from a lamppost after the car crashes into it, as Olive had understood that she only needed to stick her arm out to the side to make the vehicle turn. Popeye gets angry, but when Olive begins to cry, he lets her continue driving. More mishaps follow such as going the wrong way or crashing headfirst into a train - which is revealed to only be a billboard. Next, they almost fall off a bridge and Popeye asks Olive to hand him the wheel, so she breaks it off. Popeye jumps off to get a policeman out of harm's way as Olive tries in vain to regain control of the car, riding towards a dangerous winding road over a mountain. Popeye consumes his spinach and turns into a rock in order to block the vehicle from falling off a cliff. Popeye is later seen helping Olive ride a small cart.

Color remake

Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive was remade by Famous Studios in 1955 as Car-azy Drivers.

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