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Western Publishing, also known as Western Printing and Lithographing Company, was a firm in Racine, Wisconsin responsible for publishing the Little Golden Books. Its Golden Books Family Entertainment division also produced children's books, family-related entertainment products and comic books. The company had editorial offices in New York City and Los Angeles, California. In 1997 Western Publishing was absorbed into the Golden Books Publishing Company.

Golden Books Family Entertainment's assets were acquired by Classic Media Inc. and Random House in a bankruptcy auction for $84.4 million on August 16, 2001. Classic gained the rights to Golden Books' film and TV library as well as the production, licensing and merchandising rights for Golden Books' characters, while Random House gained Golden Books' book publishing properties.

On July 23, 2012, Classic Media was purchased by DreamWorks Animation for $155 million. On July 1, 2013, Random House merged with the Penguin Group, forming a new company called Penguin Random House.

Western Publishing published several issues of the classic Popeye comic books from October 1962 through May 1966 and May 1978 through March 1984 under the Gold Key and Whitman brands. They also published a safety promotional comic book in 1977.

These classic Popeye comic book issues were preceded by Dell Publishing.

Oct 1962 - May 1966

Issue Story Titles/Taglines Issue Date
  • "Witch Ship!"
  • "We Is Goin, Too" or "Don't Leave Us On Dry Land"
  • "Dumb Vulture"
  • "Uncle Elmo's Eight-Legged Friend"
  • "Ship's Cook"
  • "Popeye on Giggle Island"
  • "Big Brain on an Island with Sappo"
  • "Sea Bath!"
  • Popeye Pin-Up No. 1
Oct 1962
#67 Jan 1963
#68 May 1963
#69 Aug 1963
  • "Interplanetary Weapon"
  • "Operation -- Fitness U.S.A."
  • "Sappo Strikes Back" or "Sticks or Stones!" or "Say It Again, Sappo!" or "I Like You Too, Pal!" or "Your Words Are Like Music!" or "You Say the Sweetest Things!"
  • "The Hamburger Cure!"
  • "Popeye's Physical Fitness Program" (Part 2)
Nov 1963
#71 Feb 1964
  • "Popeye and the Sea Hag's Gorilla Army"
  • "Blackmail" or "Shud Up!"
  • "Bernard?"
  • "Mythical Monsters"
  • "Swee'pea and the Black Monsker"
May 1964
#73 Aug 1964
#74 Nov 1964
#75 Feb 1965

Issue Stories Issue Date
#76 May 1965
#77 Aug 1965
#78 Nov 1965
#79 Feb 1966
#80 May 1966

These classic Popeye comic book issues were followed by King Features Comics.


Issue Lead Story Title Cover Date
N/A Popeye Kite Fun Book 1977

These classic Popeye comic book issues were preceded by King Features Comics.

May 1978 - Mar 1984

Issue Lead Story Title Cover Date
139 On the Trail of the Lonesome Prospector May 1978
140 The Swamp County Meteorite Site Heavyweight Fight Jul 1978
141 The Maddening Myskery of the Disappearing Daredevils of the Colossal Carnival Circus Sep 1978
142 Wimpy's Old Flame Nov 1978
143 Topsy Turvy Land Jan 1979
144 Popeye's Birthday Party Mar 1979
145 Spinach Soap Apr 1979
146 Oscar's Lack of Foresight May 1979
147 Popeye's Cafe June 1979
148 The Myskery of the Magic Marble July 1979
149 Schooner Scuttled by Seagoing Ghosks! August 1979
150 The Most Official (Unofficial) Rugby Match Ever Almost Played Anywhere Sep 1979
151 ...Everywhere a Chick Chick! Oct 1979
152 The Cactus Caper Nov 1979
153 The Secrek, Puzzling and Myskerious Riddle of - THE BOX Dec 1979
154 Pappy's Treasure Hunt Jan 1980
155 The Horse Race Feb 1980
156 The Plot to Kill Popeye Mar 1980
157 Western Railroading May 1980
158 The Moodue Sep 1980
159 J. Wellington Wimpy: A Moocher Turned Mogul Nov 1980
160 Popeye and Olive Oyl: Splitsville Mar 1981
161 Snow, Snow, Snow Jun 1981
164 Popeye is the Firsk and Lask Person to use Dinosaur Glue Oct 1981
165 The Return of Alice the Goon Nov 1981
166 Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor Feb 1982
167 Super Soup Mar 1982
168 The Sea Hag torpedoes Popeye's fishing plans Jun 1983
169 Spookers May 1983
170 The Mountain That Talked Back Dec 1983
171 Popeye and Brutus battle it out with bats ... balls and gloves Feb 1984