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Popeye proposes to Olive... except not really (color rerun from 2004)

"Wedding Bells Toll!" or "Who's Next?" or "Who's That at the Church?" is a Popeye comic strip storyline written by Bud Sagendorf, which ran from January 25 to May 1, 1982.


Olive Oyl grows increasingly wary of her life's choices when she learns of her schoolmate Tubby Tina's wedding, meaning Olive is now the only single woman in her old gang. Popeye, while sympathetic towards Olive's problem, is very scared about the prospect of their marriage, and hastily declines any discussion about it.

Popeye feels that his life as a sailor will be hampered by marriage. He is also worried about having Olive as part of a very dysfunctional family, which, as it turns out, is every bit as hostile towards the marriage, if not more so: Pappy loathes Olive, and threatens to take Popeye out of his will if the marriage proceeds ("But Pappy, I doesn't want yer ol' pipe!"). Swee'Pea hates the thought of having Olive as his adoptive stepmother, and Granny throws things at Olive when she tries to talk.

In a regular conversation gone awry, Popeye claims that he should be the one popping the question, which Olive mistakes as him proposing. They are now engaged.

Popeye, having no confidence in fighting his way out, tries all sorts of methods to escape from the marriage. He conveniently finds a NASA space center and asks for a shuttle to Jupiter. Later he seeks to be put in a hospital (a plot reminiscent of Hospitaliky) by either being beat up by Brutus, or running against a wall. Neither is of any help ("Nerts! I yam indestructible!").

On the other hand, Olive is having no less trouble. Other people ridicule her for marrying an ugly sailor. After the wedding announcement, all gifts she receives are certificates for divorce lawyers. Her mother, while reluctantly helping her prepare the wedding, also throws a few insults at the sailor. Later, Olive also finds the prospect of marriage more and more intimidating, fearing she would have to take care of annoying baby Popeyes (not unlike in Wimmin is a Myskery) and entertain Popeye's quirky friends. She is so scared that she snaps at Wimpy ("WOE!! I AM TOO YOUNG TO BE MARRIED!").

As the wedding day approaches, both Popeye and Olive decide to give in. However, on the very day, Olive, while waiting for Popeye to show up at the church, learns that Popeye is distracted by the mackerel season and has gone fishing. The wedding is promptly canceled, and Olive is relieved to announce to Popeye that he has to win her all over again.

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