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Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky
Number 29
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The Spinach Overture
A Clean Shaven Man

Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky (1936) is Popeye's 29th theatrical short, from Fleischer Studios.


Business is bad at Bluto's Cabaret for the ladies as they all favor the healthier Popeye's Gymnasium next door. When Olive Oyl dodges his every attempt to stop her from entering the gym, Bluto resorts to cross-dressing in order to infiltrate the competing establishment. As Olive joins other three ladies in Popeye's health class, Bluto shaves off his rough beard and dons a woman's gym uniform and a surplus blonde wig. Coming out and saying "I'd like to join", he insists he is a strong enough dame and even sets out to demonstrate a mere woman can be mightier than the powerful instructor. Their competitions such as climbing the rope or tossing the ball always see Popeye triumph over the big "woman", except when Bluto favors more violent activities, as Popeye is unwilling to hit a woman back. Much abuse leaves the sailor on the floor tied up just as Bluto's wig falls off. Olive exclaims A MAN!! as she spies the beardless brute and urges him to leave. He complies, only he snatches her up. Before he can spirit her away, however, Popeye recovers thanks to the spinach can he keeps in his first aid cabinet, and the shaved ox is no match for the re-invigorated hero. Bluto ends up dunked in a baseball hoop and Popeye's healthy class to his eager female audience can continue.

Color remake

Vim, Vigor and Vitaliky was remade by Famous Studios in 1950 as Gym Jam.

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