Popeye the Sailorpedia

Hello Everyone,

I have only had an opportunity to exchange messages with some of my fellow contributors since I joined all of you in November. I hope to reach out to others with this new blog post. A few weeks ago I was asked by one of our other contributors (186 contributor) if I would consider adopting this wiki. This site has gone for quite some time without an administrator so I said I would think about it.

I have given it more thought and have decided to start the process. I do know that I need to make a blog post of some sort explaining my intentions to adopt the wiki. I have noticed a few problems that can only be fixed by someone with administrative rights. Plus I would like to update menus and other navigation items.

But my main intention is to have fun. I hope being an administrator doesn't take away any of the fun I'm having. I'm sure I will find other things that need attention also. If anyone has experience administrating a wiki (Boopoopadoop) please share your wisdom.