Popeye says, don't use steroids! You can get strong muscles from
protein-rich meals or, with enough dedication, just abundant spinach!
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My DREAM CAST for a new live-action Popeye movie:

Popeye (Dominic Monaghan)

Olive Oyl (Kristen Connolly)

J. Wellington Wimpy (Jason Alexander)

Poopdeck Pappy (Robert Englund)

Bluto (Dave Bautista)

Brutus (Kevin Smith)

The Sea Hag (Sarah Jessica Parker)

Castor Oyl (Jason Marsden)

Ham Gravy (Zach Braff)

Rough House (Patton Oswalt)

Cole Oyl (Brian Cox)

Nana Oyl (Pauline Collins)

Oscar (Jon Heder)

Toar (Glenn Jacobs)

Granny (Swoosie Kurtz)

Dufus (Jareb Dauplaise)

Aunt Jones (Amanda Plummer)

O. G. Wotasnozzle (Erick Avari)

John Sappo (Johnny Galecki)

Betty Boop (Danielle Harris)

Davy Jones (Stephen Lang)

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