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Too Weak to Work
Number 116
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A Jolly Good Furlough

Too Weak to Work is Popeye's 116th cartoon, animated by Famous Studios, which was released on March 19, 1943.


Popeye and Bluto are two U. S. Navy sailors stationed on a battleship, supposedly hard at work painting the lifeboats, yet Popeye is the only one actually doing the work, with Bluto slacking it out. When the lazy serviceman notices Havarest Hospital (Relax in your Slacks) dockside, he seizes the chance, doing various animal impressions in order to appear sick. Popeye asks if there is an ambulance in the house, and such a vehicle drives through the theatrical audience to take Bluto away. Soon, Popeye is visiting his "very sick" colleague at the hospital, who only pretends to be ill when someone comes to his room. Bluto is quick to send Popeye out to fetch him a pretty nurse, but then the one-eyed sailor hears a noise and spies on Bluto's fun-having through the keyhole. Popeye dresses up as a "pretty" nurse to teach the faker a lesson, though the latter muses that "she's old enough to be me grandmother!". Bluto ends up with his throat on fire after "her" examination and is consequently thrown into the pool to recover. He then runs away from "her" and into the steam room, with Popeye turning up the heat. When he opens the door a while later, the shrunken Bluto makes his escape, but becomes caught in a mousetrap. Abandoning his disguise, Popeye uses oxygen to inflate his companion back to size, yet a generous dose leaves the latter as a balloon, which floats away.

As he flies out of the hospital and drifts back towards the ship, lightning from nearby clouds bursts the ballooned Bluto. Yet Popeye catches his falling comrade then pumps him full of spinach, which re-invigorates and strengthens the big man, instantly putting him to work at painting the various lifeboats.

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