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The Wedding of Popeye & Olive #1. Cover art by Tom Grummett.

The Wedding of Popeye & Olive is a one-shot comic book published in 1999 (the 70th anniversary of Popeye's first appearance) by Ocean Comics. The special features more realistic art, reminiscent of superhero comic books rather than newspaper funnies, yet at the same time somewhat cartoony in style, very similar to the other two one-shots published by Ocean in the late 1980s. 

Creative team

Cover pencils by Tom Grummett, inks by Sam de la Rosa; script by Peter David, pencils by Dave Garcia, inks by Sam de la Rosa; 2 Popeye pinups with pencils by Dave Garcia, inks by Sam de la Rosa; 36 pgs., full color.


This special is set in the classic continuity instead of that of the reboot established by the previous Ocean specials. Popeye and Olive get married at long last, after he saves her once again when she is kidnapped by Bluto and Ham Gravy.


  • The married status of Popeye and Olive as presented by this book has not been followed upon by later media, comics included.
  • An episode from the earlier animated series Popeye and Son also offers an account of the two characters' wedding, yet in a way contradictory to the events shown here.