The Popeye Sports Parade or Popeye's Sports Parade is a segment within The All-New Popeye Hour that deals with sports competitions of all kinds. Popeye and Bluto would be faced in a sporting event, with the latter often resorting to cheating, which would lead to his inevitable defeat.

As with Popeye's Treasure Hunt, each Sports Parade story is a two-parter.


No Title Airdate
1 "King of the Rodeo" September 24, 1979
2 "Sky High Fly Try" October 22, 1979
3 "The Great Decathlon Championship" November 5, 1979
4 "Fantastic Gymnastics" December 3, 1979
5 "Water Ya Doin'" December 10, 1979
6 "No Fuel Like an Old Fuel" December 17, 1979
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