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The Paneless Window Washer
Number 43
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The Paneless Window Washer is Popeye's 43rd theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on January 22, 1937.


Bluto of Bluto Window Cleaning Co. is trying to make a buck by spraying mud on windows to make people employ his services. Up 20 stories (at least according to Popeye; the number of stories is actually shown to be between ten and twelve) is Olive Oyl, public stenographer. Wiping all kinds of windows, fellow window washers Popeye and Bluto get into a bitter quarrel to decide who is better at cleaning them: their daring window-cleaning feats devolve into an outright high-altitude brawl. Bluto then repeatedly attempts to cause the sailor to fall to his doom, but the latter keeps saving himself then eats his spinach in order to rescue Olive from the big man's abuse, and teach his rival a big lesson that sends him back to Bluto Window Cleaning Co. Popeye then rejoins Olive up on her ledge.

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