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The Marry-Go-Round
Number 124
Her Honor the Mare
W'ere on Our Way to Rio

The Marry-Go-Round is Popeye's 124th theatrical short, produced by Famous Studios and released on December 31, 1943.


Among his many Olive Oyl pictures onboard his Navy ship's bunk, Popeye is trying to gather up the courage to propose to Olive. After the sailors are ordered to disembark for shore leave, he and Shorty rehearse the wedding, at the latter's insistence. Shorty then helps Popeye reach the door of Olive's Boarding House, yet the sailor's bashfulness ends with the wedding ring caught on Olive's nose and Miss Oyl believing he is playing pranks on her. Popeye enters the house but becomes trapped among Olive's endless boarding house chores, most often into a washing machine. Shorty helps him recover each time, but Olive only grows annoyed at the would-be-groom's clumsy antics. Shorty decides to give a demonstration on how to woo a lady, which he performs with great efficacy on Olive, even ending with a kiss. Electrified by this, the infatuated Miss Oyl quickly changes into a provocative outfit and begins chasing after Shorty, while Popeye also tries to get his hands on his "traitorous" companion. After he catches him, angry at Olive's flirtiness and her violence towards him during the chase, Popeye puts her into the washing machine and leaves. Back in their bunk, Popeye has Shorty tied up and has forcibly switched his own Olive photos with Shorty's pictures of Dorothy Lamour.


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