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"The Leprechaun" is a 1961 Popeye the Sailor episode.


The Sea Hag is planning to steal a leprechaun's gold by finding such a creature and making him tell her where the gold is. Knowing that she is up to something, Popeye follows her. When he encounters her, her vulture knocks him out. A leprechaun finds him and helps him. Later, the same leprechaun runs into the Sea Hag, and she forces him to tell her the location of his gold. When the other leprechauns learn about this, they banish him. He comes across Popeye again and tells the sailor what happened, then Popeye sets out to recover the gold.


  • This episode first aired May 5, 1961
  • Directed by Seymour Kneitel
  • This is one of 63 episodes produced by Paramount Cartoon Studios for the Popeye the Sailor TV series.
  • This episode is available from Warner Archive on the Popeye the Sailor The 1960s Classics Volume One DVD set.

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