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The House Builder-Upper
Number 58
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The House Builder-Upper (1938) is Popeye's 58th theatrical short, from Fleischer Studios.


Olive, along with her pets, is crying outside the remains of her house, burned down after she cleaned her dress in a gallon of gasoline. The Volunteer Fire Department (consisting of Popeye and Wimpy) arrives, but they are much too late. To calm Olive down, Popeye volunteers the volunteer team to build her a new house, and so construction begins. Wimpy is not so adept at house building, painting himself into a corner or adding a door that leads to a brick wall. Popeye is however very efficient at gluing wallpaper - once even trapping Olive under it as she walks by. As Popeye begins to notice the various structural flaws, mostly caused by Wimpy, the whole house breaks down around him. He decides to eat his spinach, which allows him to quickly rearrange the debris into a beautiful new house, to Olive's delight. However, as they close the door behind them, it turns to debris once more and Olive starts crying again.

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