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The Fly's Last Flight
Number 168
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Barking Dogs Don't Fite
How Green Is My Spinach

The Fly's Last Flight is the color remake of Fleischer Studios' Flies Ain't Human (1941), released by Famous Studios in 1949 as the 168th Popeye cartoon.


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Popeye prepares to take a nap on a hammock outside his house, but his bulldog's barking disturbs his sleep. He bottles the dog's noise up, but music from a nearby radio store keeps him from falling asleep. In a bit repeated from Sock-a-Bye, Baby, he punches the singer through radio waves. Yet other sounds like a baby's crying and a woodpecker's knocking force him to go inside to take his nap. There, a group of flies bother him until he uses a fan to send them out the window, but a particularly devilish fly remains. It shouts in his ear and teases him until it is caught in Popeye's pipe and thrown to the kitchen - where landing in a spinach can allows it to get as strong as a flyweight champ. It punches Popeye's nose then avoids his fly swatter and hits him with it. It then kicks him into a wall socket, turns his own insecticide against him and even lifts the piano up to be dropped upon the sailor. As Popeye's head protrudes from the wreckage, the fly paints a target on his face and fires a mop at him. Popeye then arms himself with a blunderbuss and shoots away at the bug. Now that the house is full of holes, the fly is able to invite its companions to a dance party on Popeye's head that drives him crazy.

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