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The Dragon Lives Again or Deadly Hands of Kung Fu is a 1977 Hong Kong martial arts film belonging to the 1970s 'Bruceploitation' trend, films meant to honor the then-recently deceased Bruce Lee as well as capitalize on his growing legend. This film depicts the late Bruce Lee's (Bruce Leung Siu-lung) arrival at the Underworld, where he encounters several other "legends" such as Dracula, Zatoichi, Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name, James Bond, Popeye, and various others. Bruce befriends Popeye and two other heroes and together they take on the rest, as well as the King of the Underworld.


Bruce Lee and Popeye team up

After his untimely death, Bruce Lee (Bruce Leung Siu-lung) wakes up to find himself in the "Underworld". He meets the King of the Underworld and questions his power. The King demonstrates his displeasure by shaking a pole that can cause an earthquake through the Underworld, which gives Bruce pause.

Bruce goes to a restaurant, where he meets Kwai Chang Caine from the TV show Kung Fu and cartoon sailor Popeye (Eric Tsang). He also meets Dracula, James Bond, Zatoichi, and Clint Eastwood, with whom he does not become friends. These pop culture characters, along with the Godfather, the Exorcist, and erotic heroine Emmanuelle, are planning a coup to take over the Underworld. Among their schemes, the characters send Emmanuelle to have energetic sex with the womanizing King in the hopes that he will have a heart attack.

Bruce defeats the bad guys, but is angered by the King's repeated use of his dangerous earthquake-inducing pole. Bruce threatens to kill the King unless the King lets him go back to Earth, which he does.


"I'm Popeye The Sailor Man" is played when Popeye eats spinach during a fight, but the version used is the instrumental opening from the classic cartoons, whereas the fanfare that accompanied such action during those cartoons would have been more appropriate.

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