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The Dance Contest
Number 16
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The Dance Contest is the 16th Popeye animated short, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on November 23, 1934.


A taxi arrives at a fancy nightclub where a dance contest is being held. Out come the evening-gowned Olive Oyl and the sailor-suited Popeye. Inside, judge Wimpy is contentedly munching on hamburgers and using his "eliminator" lever to open trap doors under some of the dancing couples - even for the fault of not having mustard for his sandwich. As Popeye and Olive start dancing, his clumsy moves tear some of her clothes off and trample her feet. Another contestant (Bluto) watches on and asks for his turn with the girl; he proves much more skillful at couples dancing. When Popeye tries to reclaim his partner, he is pushed aside. Eating his sorrows away over a bowl of spinach, Popeye notices the vegetable confers him great dancing skills (with a touch of the Sailor's Hornpipe) so he claims Olive back and asks the deck to be cleared in order to demonstrate his moves. Wimpy is happy to oblige using his "eliminator", after which both Popeye and Olive dance gracefully in unison, gaining everybody's favor - almost. Demanding to dance with Olive again, Bluto takes out his frustration on her by tossing her around or bashing her against the floor, following with further abuse. When he hurls her against the band's instruments, Popeye catches on to the woman abuser's game. Saying he can take no more, he in turn invites Bluto to a dance that involves kicks and punches and being tossed against a small cherub statue that resembles Betty Boop. As Popeye and Olive win the contest, Wimpy is quick to hand them a trophy, inside of which he finds some mustard.


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