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Stealin Aint Honest
Number 78
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Females Is Fickle
Me Feelins Is Hurt

Stealin Aint Honest (1940) is Popeye's 78th theatrical cartoon, from Fleischer Studios.


Inside Popeye's ship, Olive Oyl shows her sailor boyfriend the map for her secret gold mine on Cash and Canary Island. Suddenly, Bluto the Claim Jumper comes through a porthole and grabs the map. After he knocks Popeye out, he takes off with the map on his small boat. He arrives at the island and gets into the mine, hastily closing it down as Popeye has recovered and gotten to the island by using himself as a propeller. With Olive's claim usurped, she and Popeye have no other choice than to begin digging elsewhere in search of the vein. Their tunnel, however, brings them back to the cave Bluto is trying to exploit. Instead of riches, the two rivals find each other and a fight erupts - that accidentally reveals the mother lode, golden coins, and all. After picking up some nuggets, Olive makes a futile attempt to punch Bluto, but she ends up with many gold rings after breaking into the stone wall. Bluto does the same to get a 14-carat metal glove and sends Popeye flying out of the mine with a single punch. Popeye eats his spinach in mid-flight and gets boomerang-shaped, returning to continue the fight. After some more fist-swinging and gold flinging, Bluto is knocked out cold and the ship loaded with countless money bags. The last nugget of gold makes it sink, however, so Popeye has to carry the loaded vessel across the marine soil.

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