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Spinach vs Hamburgers
Number 157
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A Wolf in Sheik's Clothing
Snow Place Like Home

Spinach vs Hamburgers is Popeye's 157th cartoon, released on August 27, 1948 by Famous Studios. It recycles footage from several earlier shorts from the same studio.


Olive is taking Pipeye, Peepeye, Poopeye and Pupeye out for lunch, to "Popeye's Spinach Heaven", but they instead cross the street to go to "Wimpy's Hamburger Haven". She brings them back to Popeye's eatery, however, they refuse to try the spinach-based delicacies prepared by their uncle.

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Pointing to some of his own cartoons' posters, Chef Popeye tells them how the wondrous vegetable helped him defeat Bluto, as seen in The Anvil Chorus Girl, escape from hungry cannibals in Pop-Pie a La Mode, and even face a supposed Superman (Bluto again), as seen in She-Sick Sailors. With their attempts to flee repeatedly failing, the boys agree on getting stronger by eating spinach, but only to trap Olive and Popeye into his anchor decoration and go eat their hamburgers undisturbed.

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