Spinach and Stockings: The Adventures of Betty Boop and Popeye is an animated promotional webcomic featuring Betty Boop and Popeye, released in 2016 to advertise Jean Paul Gaultier's perfumes and colognes Le Male (for men) and Classique (for women).



Popeye receives an invitation by French fashion designer Jean Paul to visit him in France. Popeye picks up Betty Boop, who is currently performing her "Boop-Oop-a-Doop" routine at a cabaret in New York City. He tells Betty that he is taking her to Paris. While they make their way to Paris on his ship, Betty tells Popeye that she does not have anything to wear. Popeye tells her that Jean Paul will fix her up with a dress. Popeye's crew flirt with Betty, which makes Popeye jealous. Popeye beats them up, blindfolds them and makes them clean the deck. Suddenly, they come across Mermaid Men who want Betty. Popeye refuses to hand over Betty, who gives Popeye his spinach and he defeats the Mermaid Men before they can hypnotize him. Later that evening, Betty performs her Boop-Oop-a-Doop song for the crew. The sailors start to lust over Betty, and she asks Popeye for some help, but is able to put them to sleep herself by singing a lullaby. Two days later, they end up in Paris where they are greeted by Jean Paul. Popeye presumes that he is the president of Holland. Popeye and Betty jump into Jean Paul's limo. Betty becomes car sick, but Popeye tells her that they are nearly at Jean Paul's. Once they arrive at his clothing boutique, he dresses them up and asks to take the both of them out to dinner. While they are out dining, the people in the crowd ask Betty to sing for them. Betty accepts and does her Boop-Oop-a-Doop routine. Two French men in the audience ignore Betty, which offends Popeye, and he beats both of them up. Betty and Popeye are applauded by the audience. Before leaving, Jean Paul tells them that he has a gift for them. Popeye thinks the gift is a can of spinach, but Betty tells Popeye that he is being silly and it is perfume. The animated comic ends with both Jean Paul and Betty laughing at Popeye. 


  • Popeye gets jealous when the sailors flirt with Betty and seems to have an attraction towards her, forgetting that he has a girlfriend (Olive Oyl) back home.


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