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Sock-a-Bye, Baby
Number 6
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Sock-a-Bye, Baby is Popeye's sixth cartoon from Fleischer Studios, released on January 19, 1934.


The short begins with Popeye taking care of a baby in his carriage, actually, Billy Boop, Betty Boop's brother. (Popeye's own infant son, Swee'Pea, would not be introduced to animation until two years later, in Little Swee'Pea). He sings to the baby then checks that he is sleeping soundly. Music played by Harpo Marx awakens him, however, and after Popeye punches Harpo out of commission he is himself subjected to a series of punches from the infant. A toy guitar only adds to his crying, but he is appeased after he snatches the sailor's pipe away and takes a few whiffs. Next, Popeye drives the boy's carriage while protecting his sleep from such environments as a music school, which he enters to silence the musicians behind each door, then a ship blowing its horn, which he sinks, then a singer on the radio, then a building under construction which he promptly destroys, and noisy cars. Eating spinach to dispose of every horn-sounding car, Popeye is successful until the sound of a pin falling on the floor wakes the boy. The infant now crying uncontrollably, Popeye has only one thing left to do: zipping the boy's mouth shut.

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