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Snow Place Like Home
Number 158
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Spinach vs Hamburgers
Robin Hood-Winked

Snow Place Like Home (released on September 3, 1948) is Popeye's 158th theatrical cartoon, created by Famous Studios.


Popeye and Olive are relaxing on a boat off the sunny Miami Beach, when a hurricane suddenly takes them all the way to the North Pole. Popeye lands on the snow in his swimming costume while the bikinied Olive crashes through the ice layer of a frozen-over lake. Her body from the neck down becomes encased in a block of ice so Popeye, unable to break her free without tearing her to pieces, hauls her to the nearby Pierre's Trading Post, which is in fact a large igloo. When Popeye comes in asking for two fur coats and a sleigh, the cossack-like Pierre's eye is caught by the nearly-nude brunette and his heated vision is all it takes to melt her ice casing down. She soon gets a coat to cover her up, but Popeye is ignored. When he insists, Pierre leads him to a polar bear's cave to receive "a genuine bearskin coat" - still attached to the live animal. Yet, Popeye is able to trade his swimming costume for the beast's fur and comes back to ask for the sleigh, only to be punched into a barrel of grease and down a cliff, where a female seal becomes enamored with the blackened and slippery sailor. Popeye interrupts Pierre's attempt to woo Olive and a fight erupts, with the seal giving Popeye some needed help to win. However, Pierre tricks the sailor into entering a huge bear trap by telling him it is a sleigh. Pierre then shoots it with a harpoon towards a whale's mouth, leaving him free to chase Olive around, trying to force himself upon her. Inside the whale, a spinach can is found floating that allows the veggie enthusiast to break free in a whale-bursting manner, get the lovely lady back and punch his enemy towards the bear cave to be stripped of his own coverings by the animal. The fur-coated Popeye and Olive now begin the ride back to Florida on a three-seal-and-one-penguin sleigh.

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