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Shoein' Hosses
Number 10
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Shoein' Hosses is Popeye's tenth theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on June 1, 1934.


Olive's blacksmith business is not helped by her assistant J. Wellington Wimpy's incompetence so she dismisses him and places a "Blacksmith Wanted" sign. As Popeye walks down the street singing his song, he notices the sign (and Olive) and decides to apply. Bluto also comes out from a saloon - using a lamppost to light his cigar - and sees the sign, so the two men enter at once. They demonstrate their prowess at handling red-hot metal with their bare hands, and at bending and breaking it. Popeye outdoes Bluto at every turn and is also able to shoe a horse much faster. Popeye merrily celebrating his victory enrages Bluto, and the latter throws an anvil to hit his sailor rival in the head and floor him, but when the big man manhandles Olive, Popeye recovers and comes to her rescue. Their fistfight ends with the sailor thrown into a furnace, which leaves him red-hot to be worked against an anvil by Bluto. Cooling down, Popeye eats his spinach, enabling him to shove his tormentor aside and easily counter the horseshoe rain the latter sends his way. Popeye is eventually able to use the horseshoes to fashion a chain - forging an anchor to go with it - used to help defeat and restrain the big bully. Olive kisses Popeye and places a "No More Help Wanted" sign.

Color remake

Shoein' Hosses was remade by Famous Studios in 1944 as The Anvil Chorus Girl.

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