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Shiver Me Timbers!
Number 12
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Strong to the Finich
Axe Me Another

Shiver Me Timbers! is Popeye's 12th cartoon short, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on July 27, 1934.


Popeye, Olive Oyl and Wimpy come across a seaside derelict ship whose hull displays an animate "Ghost ship - beware" sign. Popeye insists they investigate so they cilmb aboard just before the rope ladder vanishes. The ship takes to the sea on its own with the trio on board. They are taunted by ghostly sounds and moving objects and, after they separate, Olive insists she and Wimpy find Popeye - yet ghostly faces and ghost hamburgers disrupt the search. Later, Olive is pushed into a barrel of flour and mistaken for a ghost by the two men, that had found each other, and is given a rough treatment before the flour comes off. At this point, the ship's ghostly pirate crew attack them openly. The three are put separately into contraptions that cruelly tease their appetite or deal out torture of the ticklish kind. Popeye is dangled from a rope then dropped down, and the ghosts enjoy socking the sailor while remaining untouchable to him. However, he leads them to the freezer room where they are left cold. Our hero is then overwhelmed by various undead skeletons that even haul fireballs at him, as the storm rages on. Timbers shivering, the sailor brings out his spinach can, munches on and launches into an energized assault that brings down the skeletons and even the stormy weather. He is then joined at the helm by Olive and Wimpy, the latter chomping on the morsels used to torment him earlier.

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