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Shaving Muggs
Number 200
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Shaving Muggs is the color remake of Fleischer Studios' A Clean Shaven Man (1936), released by Famous Studios in 1953 as the 200th Popeye cartoon.


A stubble-faced Popeye and bearded Bluto are Navy sailors arriving at the dock and wanting to take Olive Oyl out for a date. Their fisticuffs on her doorstep are cut short when she declares that both should get a shave and a haircut if they are to go out with her. They dash off to Wimpy's Barber Shop, but it is closed, with a sign saying "OUT TO LUNCH" hanging on the door. Bluto suggests they spruce each other up and they enter anyway. Popeye does a thorough job shaving off his friend's rough beard and bringing down the last of his rebel hairs, but Bluto is more devious.

Starting with a scalding towel, he then uses cement for shaving cream and sprinkles gunpowder over his companion's head. After the resulting barbershop-leveling explosion, Popeye sees his spinach can fall nearby and, although his mouth is encased in cement, he is able to suck down the greens through his protruding pipe. He is now able to mess up his earlier work on Bluto, but then both notice Olive passing by, on a date with a ship's captain whose long beard she finds "utterly distinguished". The two rivals then proceed to kick each other in the rear end.

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