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Not to be confused with Ship Ahoy.

Shape Ahoy
Number 134
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Tops in the Big Top
For Better or Nurse

Shape Ahoy is Popeye's 134th theatrical cartoon, released by Famous Studios on April 27, 1945. It features Popeye as the protagonist, Bluto as the antagonist and Olive Oyl as the love interest.


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Popeye and Bluto are two Navy sailors and best buddies, living on a deserted island where "no dames are allowed" by them - supposedly. They express satisfaction with the carefree, easygoing bachelor lifestyle that they had embraced... until they see the shipwrecked Olive Oyl approach on a small raft. They hide any shows of enthusiasm from each other as they go into their huts to spiff up their appearances. When the imperiled maiden comes to shore, both sailors welcome her coldly to their no-ladies land, yet, they separately bring her a feast of fruit. Bluto brings her a tower of coconuts, but Popeye bests the big fellow by gifting Ms. Oyl with a whole fruit assortment. Only when Bluto is not looking does Popeye throw the morsels into her mouth, earning him a kiss. Later, Bluto treats her to some coconut juice and is likewise kissed. Separately, both gents notice Olive swimming in a lagoon, nude.

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Bluto dives in but when he emerges, it is Popeye he is holding. After they excuse themselves, Bluto tries to trap his "buddy" by digging a hole and feigning a call from the brunette beauty. Burying him under several logs and a rock does nothing to prevent Popeye from playing with the lady on a swing. At this point both castaways start openly fighting for her, exchanging blows and clubbing each other with a tree trunk. Olive is however wooed by the sudden appearance of a romantic singer on a raft who greatly resembles Frank Sinatra. The two dismissed suitors' protests are CENSORED before any inappropriate curse words can be heard.


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