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"Sea Hagracy" is a 1960 episode of Popeye the Sailor.

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A tax collector enters the Sea Hag's lair and collects all the treasure stolen by the witch. The Sea Hag decides to return to piracy, and make Popeye her partner. The Hag tries to convince Popeye to join her, but he tells her to go away. Wimpy then approaches Popeye saying that he "would pay him Tuesday for a hamburger today". Popeye kicks him out, however, the Sea Hag tempts the moocher to join her for a hamburger. Wimpy is armed with a mallet, but refuses to hurt Popeye. The sailor then notices the Sea Hag, and spanks her. The Hag decides to destroy Popeye with her own power, using her lightning to wreck his house. Popeye then eats his spinach and teaches the witch a lesson.


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