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Robin Hood-Winked
Number 159
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Snow Place Like Home
Symphony in Spinach

Robin Hood-Winked is Popeye's 159th theatrical short, produced by Famous Studios and released on November 12, 1948. It is a loose re-telling of the Robin Hood legend.


Robin Hood as portrayed by Popeye walks through the forest singing, accompanied by Little John - who is indeed small in this adaptation. Meanwhile, the nefarious Tax Collector (yet another of Bluto's villain roles) rides his horseback armored vehicle, hard at work taking the people's gold, starting with a medieval Fred Allen. Robin and John walk into town and into Ye HubBub Pub, to be served root beer by barmaid Olive. The Tax Collector comes in to demand the pub's payment, but his beating heart morphs into a howling wolf's head at the sight of the beautiful barmaid. He offers not to collect the due taxes in an attempt to woo her, that Robin Hood promptly cuts short. The Collector challenges the legendary archer to a shooting contest, and begins by cheating with an arrowhead that unfolds into its own bullseye as it plainly misses the one on the wall. Robin counters by easily hitting the target five times in a row. Next, a lit candle dodges the Collector's attempt to shoot its flame out, but is then turned into seven smaller candles by Robin Hood's expert arrow. With the young lady's preference towards Robin undisputed, the Collector pretends to be a good sport about it and offers Robin a root beer mug - which he has spiked with Ye Olde Michael Finn. This causes Robin's brain to stop functioning and knocks him out cold. The screaming Olive is snatched away and put on the tax vehicle that promptly speeds off. Little John notices his mentor's predicament and helps him by giving him spinach - and even assisting his chewing. The resulting vitamin overload instantly helps the legendary hero to his feet.

Robin chases the kidnapper and soon reaches his castle, where he effortlessly deals with some armored guards. As the Collector runs up his spiral staircase with the barmaid in his clutches, Robin makes the stair screw itself into the ground before punching the villain out and catching the girl in his arms. Later, he and Olive ride the armored vehicle (which is now mounted on its former owner's back, who is being spurred by Little John) while they throw the money back to the people and sing, not "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man" this time, but the cartoon's Robin Hood song.

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Due to a production error, the Collector/Bluto's lower body appears to be cut off during a shot, with the resulting half-man hovering in midair.


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