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Ration Fer the Duration
Number 118
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Ration Fer the Duration is Popeye's 118th theatrical cartoon, produced by Famous Studios in 1943. Like other such cartoons of the era, it may be considered a propaganda film, and also serves as a parody of the folktale Jack and the Beanstalk.


Popeye is working at the home front, planting a victory garden, and would have his nephews help him, but they want to go fishing instead. Popeye tells them about Jack and his beanstalk, leading them to start planting as they would supposedly be able to see the giant that lived in the clouds if they grew a big enough beanstalk. Popeye takes the chance to rest and soon falls asleep. He dreams that the boys have in fact grown an enormous plant, insisting he climb it in order to bring back a giant. Popeye reaches the clouds and soon, with the help of a cloud-taxi, the giant's castle itself. After knocking several times, a huge giant comes out (wearing a N.Y. Giants shirt) and plays along with the obvious gag saying “Uh, I didn't think it was funny either” as Popeye becomes trapped between his toes, later retreating to a cuckoo clock when he notices the monster. Popeye sees that the giant is a sugar hoarder, has a magical hen that lays rubber tires, and also keeps an endless hoard of other supplies that "Uncle Sam could use". The sailor attempts to make off with some tires but is caught by the giant who attempts to make him into a sandwich and eat him. However, Popeye's eating spinach in turn allows him to escape the monster's mouth and cause him to fall. Later, he uses pepper to make him sneeze and propel all the supplies out of the castle, yet they and Popeye fall off the clouds and towards the ground. At this point, the nephews wake Popeye up to show him what they had grown: while not a giant beanstalk, their plants are outlandish indeed.

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