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This article is about the animated short. For the text story, see Quiet Please.

Quiet! Pleeze
Number 92
Problem Pappy
Olive's $weep$take Ticket

Quiet! Pleeze is Popeye's 92nd cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios and released on February 7, 1941. Some of its scenes are re-purposed from Fleischer's earlier cartoon Sock-a-Bye, Baby (1934).


One morning, Poopdeck Pappy is trying to sleep in his downtown apartment after a wild night of partying, but the faintest sounds like a cat's steps resonate in his head loudly. When Popeye comes along, he believes Pappy to be ill, as he has a temperature. As Pappy sleeps, his son makes sure there is silence, pacifying a baby on a nearby building by giving the child some milk using an extendable hand. A horse drawing a milk wagon is clomping down the street, so Popeye comes down and carries the horse on his back. There follow several vignettes (with a couple replayed from Sock-a-Bye, Baby), where a singer is punched long-distance through the radio wires, traffic is blocked and a construction site demolished. Afterwards, the sailor is able to silence an explosion from a wrecking crew upon eating his spinach. When he comes back to check on Pappy, he stops by an apartment upstairs where a loud party is going on. He is shocked to find Poopdeck himself dancing happily, as he only needed some rest to get back to his feet. It is now Popeye's turn to get into bed with a fever.

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