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Puttin on the Act
Number 86
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Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive
Popeye Meets William Tell

Puttin on the Act is Popeye's 86th theatrical cartoon, produced by Fleischer Studios, which was released on August 30, 1940.


Olive rushes to show Popeye a newspaper's headline: "Vaudeville Coming Back!". She suggests they do their old act again so Popeye goes to the attic to find their old "Popeye and Olive" trunk that contained their wardrobe, as well as an old flier for the pair's act. They begin to rehearse in the apartment, with Swee'Pea in charge of placing the signs. After the song-and-dance intro comes "The Body Beautiful", in which the two exhibit their physicality, with the sailor showing off his muscles as he makes a butterfly tattoo on his chest grow into an airplane. This section includes a lifting/climbing demonstration, after which come the "Impersonations". Popeye imitates Jimmy Durante, Stan Laurel and Groucho Marx. The grand finale is "The Adagio", in which Popeye handles Olive like a baton, but ends up accidentally throwing her out the window. He safely catches her before she hits the pavement below, but then Swee'Pea shows the couple that the newspaper Olive had brought was dated August 1st 1898.


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