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Protek the Weakerist
Number 53
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Protek the Weakerist is Popeye's 53rd theatrical cartoon, from Fleischer Studios, released on November 19, 1937.


After Olive bathes her little dog Floppy, Popeye comes by to pay her a visit - and is ordered to take Floppy out for a walk, even after he protests that a he-man cannot be seen with such a "sissy dawrg". During the walk, he hides Floppy in his cap from Wimpy's view, then uses some rope and a brick to keep the puppy at length, but the animal gets loose just as Bluto strolls by with his large, eyepatched bulldog. The latter finds Floppy then a dog chase ensues, with Bluto stopping Popeye from breaking "their own battle". Popeye is beat up while the same happens to the puppy, then, eating spinach allows the two to recover and give a flurry of punches to their respective opponents. Floppy helps Popeye sing his song as they return to Olive's house.

Color remake

Protek the Weakerist was remade by Famous Studios in 1949 as Barking Dogs Don't Fite.

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