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Popeye the Sailor with the Jeep
Number 62
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Popeye the Sailor with the Jeep or simply The Jeep is Popeye's 62nd cartoon, from Fleischer Studios, released in 1938. It introduces the popular Eugene the Jeep character from the comics to the cartoon series, yet in a way that contradicts his initial Thimble Theatre appearance, where he was delivered to the Oyl home.


Swee'Pea lives with Olive in her high-rise apartment. He has an escape route from his crib, which he uses to go out the window and crawl along telephone wires. After Olive catches him, she believes him safely imprisoned in his crib, but she is wrong. Popeye then comes to visit, bringing his new pet Eugene along to introduce him to Olive and Swee'Pea for the first time, and the Jeep demonstrates his disappearing act and divination powers. The magic animal senses the baby is missing, then the search begins. Eugene, with Popeye in tow, tracks the boy along the telephone wire, over the rooftops and down to the street. The Jeep follows the baby's scent to a construction site and other places where he had played, but he is already gone. The trail leads them back to the apartment, where Swee'Pea is found hiding in the blinds after his return. He promptly puts himself to bed while Eugene claims his reward: an orchid, the Jeep's food.

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