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This article is about the animated short. For the character, see Poopdeck Pappy.
Popeye the Sailor with Poopdeck Pappy
Number 89
My Pop, My Pop
Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep

Popeye the Sailor with Poopdeck Pappy, or simply Poopdeck Pappy, is Popeye's 89th theatrical cartoon. It was released in 1940, produced by Fleischer Studios.


Popeye readies a hammock over his bed for Poopdeck Pappy to sleep in, but Pappy plans on going out. Popeye argues that, at 99, Pappy should "save his youth for his old age". The latter appears to be convinced, only to punch Popeye and try to get away, but he is caught, undressed and put to bed by his son.

After turning off the lights, Popeye discovers that his father is missing, soon finding him on the streets and bringing him home. This time, he shackles Pappy's legs before turning in, only to find out that Popeye himself is shackled and Pappy is gone again.

Meanwhile, the latter has entered a dance saloon where he proceeds to rudely kick other dancers out of the way, which allows him to take a dance partner away from a large sailor. When the latter tries to attack him, Pappy offers to shake hands, only to use a concealed bear trap against his adversary. After Pappy's style of dancing ends with his partner thrown against the band, many angry sailors and other gents are eager to get their hands on the old-timer. Popeye arrives as a big brawl erupts, which Pappy promptly escapes and Popeye breaks down after eating spinach.

Victorious, Popeye takes Pappy home, this time tying him to the hammock with a rope. Yet, upon turning off the lights, he finds himself tied to the bed, with Pappy gone once more.

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