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This article is about the fan feature. For other meanings, see Popeye the Sailor (disambiguation).

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The Popeye the Sailor fan film project is an independent production based on Popeye, long in the works from filmmaker Michael Valentine. Valentine writes, directs and stars as Popeye, and intends to make it a modern, realistic interpretation of the character.

So far Valentine has produced trailers that hint of a longer featurette. This includes a brief teaser where we see Popeye wash up on the shores of Goon Island, and a lengthier short film focusing on Popeye's boxing exploits: he is seen exiting the Rough House after winning one such bout, only to be confronted by the sore loser demanding a rematch, this time aided by a broken bottle. Popeye dodges his attacks and proceeds to beat him one more time.



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