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Popeye no Eigo Asobi (ポパイの英語遊び, Popeye's English Game) is an educational video game for Nintendo's Famicom home console (known as the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America), the successor to the Popeye title released in arcades, again starring Popeye and other Thimble Theatre characters. The game is considered to be the predecessor of Nintendo's Donkey Kong Jr. Math, which was released worldwide (Popeye no Eigo Asobi being a Japanese exclusive title). The game is intended to teach Japanese people how to speak the English language. Its graphics are taken directly from the the aforementioned arcade game's console version.


In Word Puzzle, you can choose from two different modes with minor differences from each other. Word Puzzle A will give you a clue to the answer in the Japanese language, whereas Word Puzzle B will not give such a clue, making it harder. Next, the player chooses from six different categories. Following this, Olive Oyl will ask the player to spell out a word chosen by her. The difficulty is that the player must spell it using the rules of the English language instead of spelling it out in their native language of Japanese. To do this, the player will control Popeye and make him move under a letter (of the English language). Once you find the letter you wish to choose, then you must press the A button to enter it. Failing 10 times will result in a game over. Each time you make a mistake, Brutus, the game's antagonist, will push Swee'Pea along a clothesline a small distance. Making ten mistakes thus causes Swee'Pea to fall off it. If you finish the word with less than 10 mistakes, you win. The six categories you can choose from are: Animals, Country, Food, Sports, Science and Others.

The Word Catcher option is a two-player competitive game where Popeye and Brutus try to spell out English words from letters dropped by Olive from above. The first player to complete five words, wins.

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