Not to be confused with Popeye and the Beanstalk.

Popeye and the Spinach Stalk
Season 1, Episode 9
Popeye Watches the Growing Spinach Stalk
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"Mueller's Mad Monster"
"After the Ball Went Over"
"Popeye and the Spinach Stalk" is a 1960 episode of Popeye the Sailor. It is one of the various Jack and the Beanstalk parodies starring Popeye.


The episode, narrated like a story, has Olive baking pies and Popeye as her assistant, who goes out to sell them and encounters an old hag that pays him with a magic spinach can. Angered, Olive throws it out, upon which a huge spinach-can-stalk grows. Popeye climbs it all the way to the clouds, where the castle of a Brutus-like giant stands. Inside, the sailor sees that the giant has taken Olive, glued her to a large harp and instructed her to bake for him. The monster also has a "magic dog", which he asks about the sailor he can smell. Popeye ends up caught, but the giant wants to see what makes him so tough, so he feeds the hero some spinach upon learning the answer. This allows Popeye, Olive and the "dog" to escape, with Popeye causing the giant to fall from the spinach stalk. Olive then turns to making spinach pies.


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