Popeye the Sailorpedia

While numerous Popeye toys, board games, dolls and figurines have been sold since the early years of the character's popularity, only in 2001 did Mezco Toyz begin its release of a full line of action figures based on Popeye and his friends.

Figure list

The Mezco series includes the following characters:

  • Classic Popeye (With Spinach Can, Anchor, Sharks Jaw and Sailor Wailer Round House Punch)
  • Pea Coat Popeye (With Pea Coat, Spinach Can, Treasure Map, Duffel Bag, Picture Frame and Twister Fister Punch)
  • Olive Oyl (with Swee'Pea, Purse, Picture Frame and Bendie Articulation)
  • Bluto (With Barbell, Two Ton Weight and Underhanded Upper Cut Puch)
  • Wimpy (with Jeep, Burgers and Meat Grinder)
  • Storm Gear Popeye (With Shipwreck Deck, Telescope, Octopus, Starfish and Spinach Can)
  • Sailor Popeye (With Deck Mop and Bucket, Spinach Can and Fist)
  • Sailor Bluto (With Torpedo Toss Action, Torpedo and Bomb)
  • Poopdeck Pappy (With Hammock, Treasure Chest and Spinach Can)
  • Sea Hag (With Bernard, Vulture Perch and Magic Flute)
  • Classic Popeye (with Shipwreck Deck, Spinach Can and Telescope)
  • Deepdive Popeye (With Dive Gear, Sea Chest with Treasure, Bouy and Can of Spinach)
  • Olive Oyl (With Bendy Articulation, Hat, Purse and Eugene the Jeep)
  • Classic Bluto (With Torpedo Toss Action, Torpedo, Bomb, Starfish and Octopus)
  • Scuba Bluto (With Treasure Map, Scuba Gear and Knife)
  • Alice the Goon (With Swee'Pea)
  • 12" Popeye the Sailorman
  • 12" Popeye the Sailorman (sailor outfit)

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