While numerous Popeye toys, board games, dolls and figurines have been sold since the early years of the character's popularity, only in 2001 did Mezco Toyz begin its release of a full line of action figures based on Popeye and his friends.

Figure list

The Mezco series includes the following characters:

  • Classic Popeye (With Spinach Can, Anchor, Sharks Jaw and Sailor Wailer Round House Punch)
  • Pea Coat Popeye (With Pea Coat, Spinach Can, Treasure Map, Duffel Bag, Picture Frame and Twister Fister Punch)
  • Olive Oyl (with Swee'Pea, Purse, Picture Frame and Bendie Articulation)
  • Bluto (With Barbell, Two Ton Weight and Underhanded Upper Cut Puch)
  • Wimpy (with Jeep, Burgers and Meat Grinder)
  • Storm Gear Popeye (With Shipwreck Deck, Telescope, Octopus, Starfish and Spinach Can)
  • Sailor Popeye (With Deck Mop and Bucket, Spinach Can and Fist)
  • Sailor Bluto (With Torpedo Toss Action, Torpedo and Bomb)
  • Poopdeck Pappy (With Hammock, Treasure Chest and Spinach Can)
  • Sea Hag (With Bernard, Vulture Perch and Magic Flute)
  • Classic Popeye (with Shipwreck Deck, Spinach Can and Telescope)
  • Deepdive Popeye (With Dive Gear, Sea Chest with Treasure, Bouy and Can of Spinach)
  • Olive Oyl (With Bendy Articulation, Hat, Purse and Eugene the Jeep)
  • Classic Bluto (With Torpedo Toss Action, Torpedo, Bomb, Starfish and Octopus)
  • Scuba Bluto (With Treasure Map, Scuba Gear and Knife)
  • Alice the Goon (With Swee'Pea)
  • 12" Popeye the Sailorman
  • 12" Popeye the Sailorman (sailor outfit)

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