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This article is about the animated short. For the character, see Eugene the Jeep. For other meanings, see Eugene the Jeep (disambiguation).

Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep
Number 90
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Popeye the Sailor with Poopdeck Pappy
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Popeye Presents Eugene, the Jeep is Popeye's 90th cartoon, from Fleischer Studios, released on December 13, 1940. The second and final theatrical cartoon appearance of Eugene the Jeep (not counting a brief cameo in Wotta Nitemare's extended dream sequence), it features Popeye first meeting the Jeep, albeit in a way contradictory to both the original Thimble Theatre comics and the previous Popeye the Sailor with the Jeep cartoon.


One evening, Popeye receives a package containing Eugene the Jeep as a gift from Olive Oyl, along with a note saying that his new pet should sleep outdoors. Popeye produces plentiful food for their dinner before going out to build a small wooden bed for Eugene to sleep outside, then finds the Jeep sleeping after having eaten all the vittles. He places him in the little bed and prepares to turn in himself, only to find Eugene tucked in his own bed, ready to sleep alongside his sailor master. The animal reappears inside each time Popeye gets him out, all his efforts leading to accidents and much damage. After getting Eugene out once again, Popeye boards up all the doors and windows, but the Jeep returns, causing Popeye to be trapped outside upon trying and failing to get Eugene out one last time. Popeye ends up sleeping in the small wooden bed he had made, and the Jeep materializes to sleep alongside him, thus revealing his ability to teleport.


  • Final theatrical short appearance of Eugene the Jeep.

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