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Popeye Meets William Tell
Number 87
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My Pop, My Pop

Popeye Meets William Tell is Popeye's 87th theatrical cartoon. Produced by Fleischer Studios, it was released on September 20, 1940.


As Popeye casually strolls through 14th century Switzerland, an arrow from William Tell catches his attention. He soon finds out that the legendary archer's son was not too fortunate when William tried to shoot an apple on his head. Just then, the Governor commands that everyone bow down before his high hat, and William Tell is the only one to refuse. The Governor soon learns of his identity and asks for his son, for the legendary test to take place, but as William is about to answer, Popeye appears in disguise claiming to be the boy in order to help his new friend. Popeye's fighty attitude does not prevent the order to be carried out, upon which William shoots Popeye in the chest after being blindfolded, spun like a top and beat up. However, the arrow had only pierced Popeye's spinach can, and the sailor rushes to save his friend from being beheaded. He opens the can using the executioner's axe and proceeds to knock the Governor and all his men unconscious. The story ends with William spanking his "son", both agreeing that a child should not smoke a pipe.

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