This volume is from the collected hardcover edition of Popeye Classics, the reprint series published by IDW Publishing in 2012. The original series published by Dell was simply named Popeye and later renamed to Popeye the Sailor as it continued with other publishers. It was reprinted in this collected form beginning in 2013 by IDW.

Popeye Classics (hardcover) (IDW, 2013 series) #5 (January 2015)


Publisher: IDW Publishing.
Brand: Yoe Comics;
Editors: Craig Yoe (collection editor);
Helen Meyer (original editor)
Pencils: Bud Sagendorf
Inks: Bud Sagendorf
Colors: Bud Sagendorf


Issue Number: 5
Date Published: January 2015
ISBN / UPC: 978-1-63140-175-6
Price: 29.99
Characters: Popeye, Olive, Wimpy and Swee'Pea



Title/Tagline Story Type # of pages
"House for Rent" text story 2
"Here Comes the Bride!!" comic story 16
"Little Kids Should Have Ice Cream!" comic story 10
"Rolling Along!" comic story 6
("Good heavens!?! What is little Swee'Pea doing?") comic story 1
"Harry the People Horse" text story 2
"Interplanetary Battle!" comic story 16
"Paper and Paste" comic story 10
"Dog House!" comic story 6
("There's another hard-boiled egg in the ice box - will ya get it for me?") comic story 1
"Horse Tale!" text story 2
"Spinach Farm!" comic story 16
"Swee'Pea's Vacation!" comic story 10
"The Long Way Home!" comic story 6
(Help Sherm when he is lost) activity 0.25
(Help Sherm find the correct street) activity 0.25
(Help Sherm get out of the swamp) activity 0.25
(Help Sherm find the right bus) activity 0.25
(Help Sherm get home) activity 0.25
(Help Sherm find the right key) activity 0.25
("Ya has clean clothes on") comic story 1
"The Rocket Horse!" text story 2
"Boom! Boom!" or "Pirates Is Rodents!" comic story 16
"Ship Shape!" comic story 10
"Snow-Father!" comic story 6
("Tra-la--da-da-da") comic story 1
"Apple House" text story 2
"Golden Street!" comic story 10
"Hole in the Mountain!" comic story 15.75
"The Race!" comic story 6
Help Sherm stop activity 0.25
Help Sherm pick a pole activity 0.25
Help Sherm get to the race activity 0.25
Help Sherm to safety activity 0.25
Help Sherm win activity 0.25
"Oh, boy!! An old, hot water bottle!" comic story 1

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