This volume is from the collected hardcover edition of Popeye Classics, the reprint series published by IDW Publishing in 2012. The original series published by Dell was simply named Popeye and later renamed to Popeye the Sailor as it continued with other publishers. It was reprinted in this collected form beginning in 2013 by IDW.

Popeye Classics (hardcover) (IDW, 2013 series) #2 (June 2013)


Publisher: IDW Publishing.
Brand: Yoe Comics;
Editors: Craig Yoe (collection editor);
Helen Meyer (original editor)
Pencils: Bud Sagendorf
Inks: Bud Sagendorf
Colors: Bud Sagendorf


Issue Number: 2
Date Published: June 2013
ISBN / UPC: 9781613776520 52999
Price: 29.99
Number of pages: 200
Characters: Popeye and Olive Oyl



Title/Tagline Story Type # of pages
("Look at this water bill, Wimpy!") comic story 1
"Moon Goon!" or "Goon on the Moon!" or "The Man in the Moon Is a Goon!" comic story 24
"Swee'Pea's Dip in the Dark!" text story 2
"Another Day Another Breakfast!" comic story 6
("What in the world is Swee'Pea doing?") comic story 1
("Here's a dime - go to the store an' git a bar of soap!") comic story 1
("Ha! Ha! Ha! Didn't even knock my hat off!") comic story 1
"Raft!" or "It's a Long Drift Home!!" or "Rafts Are Boats, But Not So Comfortable!!" comic story 24
"Pappy Doesn't Tell a Story!" text story 2
"Food! Food!" or "May I Borrow Your Duck, Mister?" comic story 6
("Arf! Arf! I sure does like picnics, Olive!") comic story 1
("Arf Arf! Arf!") comic story 1
"Help!" or "Sailor, Save My Baby!" comic story 16
"Susprize Party!" comic story 8
"Swee'Pea an' the Hungry Lady!" text story 2
"Who Won?" or "The Fleeter of Foot Emerges Victorious!" comic story 6
(Splat) comic story 1
("I won'er what Swee'Pea is doin'?") comic story 1
"On The House!" comic story 6
"I Am The Mayor!" or "He Wouldn't Be, If He Could Help It!" comic story 16
"Quiet Please" text story 2
("Hm? I wonder what the Prof. is up to?") comic story 8
("It was nice of you to come over to help me rearrange my furniture!") comic story 1
"Black Jack" text story 2
"Misermites!" or "I'd Rather Have Termites!" comic story 16
"Sound Pills!" comic story 16

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