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Popeye Classics is a comic book series based upon Popeye and the rest of the Thimble Theatre cast, spun off from Four Color's early Popeye editions. In 2012, IDW Publishing began reprinting Sagendorf's issues as Popeye Classics.

The comic book series dealt with self-contained tales usually featuring a longer lead story starring Popeye and a few shorter backups headlined by either Popeye or other characters. They also introduced new backup series such as Axle and Cam or Sherm! and the Segar-created Sappo strip as the supporting features. Short text stories are included as well.

In 2013, IDW also began reprinting multiple issues in hard cover Popeye Classics volumes (listed here).


Issue Title Issue Date
#1 (None) Feb 2013
#2 Moon Goon and more! Jun 2013
#3 Witch Whistle and more! Feb 2014
#4 King Blozo's Problem and more! Apr 2014
#5 A Thousand Bucks Worth of Fun and more! Jan 2015
#6 “Weed Shortage” and more! Jun 2015
#7 “Nothing!” and more! Oct 2015
#8 “I Hates Bullies!” and more! Aug 2016
#9 The Sea Hag’s “Magic Flute!” and more! Dec 2016
#10 “Moon Rocket!” and more! Aug 2017
#11 “The Giant” and more! Feb 2018

Last Updated: 3/9/2019