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This article is about the console game. For the character, see Popeye. For other meanings, see Popeye (disambiguation).


Popeye (ポパイ) is a Japan-exclusive Game Boy video game based on the Popeye characters, licensed from King Features Syndicate to Sigma Enterprises.


The playing area is a top-view maze and the player controls Popeye, who has a time limit to collect heart icons, find Olive Oyl and save Swee'Pea, the latter only appearing to be saved after the hearts are collected and Olive found.


Popeye should avoid Brutus in order to prevent a fight with him and avoid losing time. When the fight is inevitable, if Olive is already found, Popeye will lose her, and he will have to find her again after the fight has ended. Brutus can drop weapons and enemies such as cannons and animals. He can also steal the hearts. When this happens, the heart will appear somewhere else to be collected. J. Wellington Wimpy is always wandering around and drops hamburgers that may block Popeye's path. However, Wimpy can remove them as well by eating them. A "flying" can of spinach will sometimes appear during the game at anytime and out of nowhere, and may increase Popeye's strength, making him faster and allowing him to eliminate enemies released by Brutus as well as Wimpy's hamburgers that obstruct the path. There are three playable courses and each one has five stages. In the game's ending, Popeye gets married to Olive Oyl in front of a small chapel.[1]

Brutus is a playable character in the multiplayer mode.


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