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This article is about the animated short. For the character, see Poopdeck Pappy.

Popeye's Pappy
Number 185
King Pappy Rules an Island.png
Punch and Judo
Lunch with a Punch

Popeye's Pappy is Famous Studios's color remake of Popeye's quest for Poopdeck Pappy as seen in 1938's Goonland. Again, it stars Jack Mercer as both characters and was released in 1952 as the 185th Popeye cartoon. This update is however less suited for modern sensibilities as it replaces Goonland's titular antagonists with stereotypical African characters that might be seen as offensive. This short was submitted and screened (but not nominated) for an Academy Award.


In a rare animated appearance, Popeye's mother tells her son about Pappy's long-ago departure, upon which Popeye sets sail in search of his father. Soon enough, he comes across the island where "King Pappy" is tended to by many tribesmen - and women. Popeye simply walks up to him and tries to take him back home, but Pappy is not thrilled about this and twice escapes Popeye's attempts to carry him off. A disguise as an attractive lady fails, but Popeye is finally able to trap his father. Pappy summons the tribe's warriors to his aid, and the King's son is captured and set to become a soup ingredient. Seeing this causes Pappy to have a change of heart, challenging the cannibals but being coldly dismissed. He makes use of an "emergency spinach can", sharing it with his son, and the two are able to hold off the native warriors. Father and son then sail away together.


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