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Number 190
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Popalong Popeye is Popeye's 190th cartoon, released on August 29, 1952 by Famous Studios. The title is a play on the name of popular 1950s Western character Hopalong Cassidy.


At Popeye's Ranch, Popeye is serving a spinach lunch to his nephews, but they refuse to eat it. Popeye then tells them the story of how he became a cowboy. He went looking for work and applied to a ranch foreman (Bluto), who set out to humiliate the city slicker. Bluto arranged for a boxing match against Bully Boy, actually a humanoid bull who fought in his pen as the ring. Bully Boy made short work of Popeye but, upon sucking his spinach from its can through the water barrel he was trapped in, Popeye was transformed into "Pop-A-Long Popeye" and quickly defeated Bully Boy by transforming him into sausages and Foreman Bluto by punching and branding him.

Instead of eating their lunch, however, the boys go out and release a wild horse. In order to save their uncle, they at last gobble down the greens.

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