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Plumbing Is a 'Pipe'
Number 61
I Yam Love Sick
Popeye the Sailor with the Jeep

Released on June 17, 1938, Plumbing Is a 'Pipe' is Popeye's 61st theatrical cartoon, from Fleischer Studios. It is the first short in which Margie Hines voices Olive Oyl.


As Olive cleans her kitchen, she notices water is dripping from a pipe overhead. Her attempts to fix the problem only result in a bigger leak, and soon the situation worsens, with Popeye coming to her aid as plumber J. Wellington Wimpy keeps forgetting his equipment (or stopping to have lunch) and never meets his appointment in time. Popeye and Olive have their hands full with the ever-increasing water fountains inside the house, until the sailor hero decides the time is right to eat some spinach. This allows him to quickly subdue the rebellious pipes, then, as he sings his song, plumber Wimpy finally gets to the house.

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