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Pest Pilot
Number 98
Child Psykolojiky
I'll Never Crow Again

Pest Pilot (released on August 8, 1941) is Popeye's 98th Fleischer Studios cartoon.


At "Popeye's Air Conditioned Airport" (actually only an airplane hangar), Popeye is at work carving a propeller out of a single piece of wood. In comes Poopdeck Pappy to pester his son into being made an ace pilot. However, the sign on the wall says all pilots should be "Young-strong and healthy - see well and look good". Pappy's every attempt to convince the boss fails, even after he pretends to cry. When he is thrown out of the hangar, he angrily kicks one of the planes on the propeller, causing it to start up. He hops on to begin his joyride, which brings only destruction to the houses and places he flies by. Eventually, he rides so high that he begins to plummet down to Earth. Meanwhile, Popeye learns of the impending crash from a news announcer. Running to the crash site to find the plane destroyed, he is relieved to see that Pappy was caught on the edge of a water tower by his clothes. Poopdeck still insists on being made an ace pilot, so Popeye gives him a pilot's cap and a wings-shaped pin, to serve as the lawnmower's pilot.

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