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Parlez Vous Woo
Number 223
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Parlez Vous Woo is Popeye's 223rd theatrical cartoon, released on September 12, 1956 by Famous Studios.


An evening-gowned Olive Oyl is watching a show on TV featuring a classy French gent called the International, who delivers romantic monologues to his female audience. Olive is so caught up in the romance and enchantment of this fancy fellow that she forgets all about her date with Popeye, which annoys The Sailorman to no end. When The International announces that some lucky eligible maiden may have a date to meet him in person, Olive is utterly delighted -- and Popeye is utterly fed up.

Bluto happens to be passing by Olive's house and overhears the conversation, so he gets an idea.

The doorbell rings and when Olive opens it, she is over the moon. There stands a handsome, strapping gentleman in a tuxedo and top hat, who pays her compliments in a French accent and proceeds to flirt with the enthralled brunette. Popeye, however, is having none of that and does everything he can to thwart the suave star.

The fancy Frenchman challenges the squinting swabbie to a sword duel. This intrigues the lovely Ms. Oyl -- until The International seemingly stabs Popeye in the chest, and then the raven-haired cutie's delight turns to abject horror.

Bluto impersonates "the International," Olive's TV idol

However, Popeye is perfectly fine. What The International's sword hit was the can of spinach Popeye was toting in his shirt, and The Sailorman gulps down the high-vitamin plant-based nutritional aid and slashes at his dashing adversary with his sword, cutting away the spiffy tuxedo to reveal a sailor suit underneath. Olive realizes that the tuxedoed muscleman who danced with her and made flirtatious remarks to her was not her idol after all, but only Bluto in disguise, at which point she is extremely dismayed and disenchanted -- until Popeye downs another can of his wonder veggie and is transformed into the kind of elegant, tuxedo-clad French gentleman Olive has been fantasizing about.


  • In the public domain in the United States.
  • One of ten Popeye cartoons that could be viewed in the first-person shooter video game The Darkness.


  • The International is a parody of The Continental, a radio show which began in 1951 then became a TV show in 1952, lasting from January 22 to April 17 of the same year. It starred Renzo Cesana as the Continental, a man who would speak directly to the women watching the show, as if inviting them to a romantic outing.

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